Cavs: The Podcast 0041 – Uh Oh…

Well, this probably isn’t the way we all imagined the first 11 games going.  4-7, one of the worst offenses in the NBA, and the teams biggest “superstar” struggling mightily.  Lets just say it hasn’t been pretty… Colin, John (Welcome back!), and I hopped on podcast to vent our frustrations and chat about Kyrie Irving’s early season struggles, the Cavalier team disfunction, Dion Waiters’ potential (and misuse), Andrew Bynum’s success, and…


Cavs: The Podcast 0040 – Raab 2013

While the season my have started, no site-wide season preview is complete without an appearance by C:tB favorite Scott Raab. Scott hopped on the line to chat about the offseason acquisitions, expectations for the non-rookies, this year’s draft picks, the return of Mike Brown, the looming Lebron contact, and projections for this NBA season.  Scott also touches on both the Browns and the Indians, and speaks on the death of…


Cavs: The Podcast 0039 Part 2 – Season’s Greetings!

And the countdown is at ONE!  We’ve reached Cavalier’s season’s eve.  This is it – one day until our wildest hopes and dreams for this incarnation of the Cavs comes to fruition (or fall depressingly flat).  Regardless, we’re finally here! Colin, Patrick, Nate and I thought it best to hop on the line one last time (before our predictions quickly become moot) and run though the major questions looming over…


Cavs: The Podcast 0039 Part 1 – Season’s Greetings! (updated)

TWO DAYS!  That’s all we have to wait to see our beloved Cavs take the floor.  I, like I’m sure most of you, cannot wait to see what this season has in store.  From top to bottom the Cavaliers look primed for a playoff run.  So what better way to celebrate the beginning of the best season of all – the NBA season. This weekend all the C:tB writers (minus…


Preseason(!) Recap: Cavs 99, Bucks 87

Whoa baby!  It’s October!  And you know what that means…Basketball!!!!  Sure, it’s preseason, and sure, a bunch of roster fill played nearly the entire fourth quarter.  But we’ve been without basketball for months, so I’ll take it.


Cavs: The Podcast 0038 – T-Minus One Month

Aaaaand we’re in the final stretch!  Just a mere month until real, live, actual basketball!  What better way to celebrate the waning days than a podcast? Colin, Robert and I hopped on the line to discuss the biggest off-season surprises and disappointments, the contract extensions of Cousins, Wall, and George, The Washington Wizard’s improvements, and whether or not draft picks have become over valued (this question thanks to a tweet…


Sizing up the Central: The Detroit Pistons

Closing out this week’s review of the Central Division is the Detroit Pistons.  Unlike the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers, who are absolutely expected to make the playoffs, and unlike the Milwaukee Bucks, who probably got a whole lot worse by losing Jennings and Monta Ellis, the Pistons, like the Cavs, fall somewhere between bad and semi-relevent.  What does all this mean?  Welcome to your 2013-2014 7-8 seed competition!


Cavs: The Podcast 0037 – Buyin’ Em!

Whoa baby!  We, as Cavs fans, wanted a splash, and boy oh boy did we get one. After just a few days of speculation, the Cavaliers have successfully signed Andrew Bynum to a 2 year, $24M contract.  Of course only $6M is guaranteed for year one, and the second year is a team option.  Basically, Chris Grant rocked it. On today’s podcast Colin and I discuss the Cavs’ signing of…


Cavs: The Podcast 0036 – The Cavs Get JACKED

FINALLY!  A free agent signing we can honestly, genuinely celebrate!  Jarrett Jack is a Cavalier! Between Jack and Earl Clark, the Cavaliers have had a busy week.  What better way to celebrate it than a podcast? Colin, Tom, and I hopped on the line to discuss Earl Clark, Jarrett Jack, the Eastern Conference’s playoff picture, The Atlanta Hawks, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Washington Wizards, and the Detroit Pistons. As always,…