Cavs: the Podcast 0050 – New Coach, New Draft, Same Podcast

First – congrats on the entire C:tB team – we’ve reached 50 podcasts!  Thanks to all our listeners who have supported us over the last two (or three?) years. Can you believe it – we’re a mere FOUR days from the 2014 NBA draft!  Embiid is injured, Blatt is the head coach, and no one (including the front office) has a clue WHAT to do with the number one overall…


Cavs: the Podcast 0048 – God Loves Cleveland

HOLY CRAP!  The good news still has not settled in.  And no, I’m clearly not talking about a certain owners daughter (who happens to, weirdly enough, share a name with me…Fate much?) being easy on the eyes.  For the third time in four years, the Cleveland Cavaliers are selecting number one.   WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?! I’m still jazzed about this.  I know Nate, Tom, and David are too.  Heck, I’m…


Cavs: The Podcast 0045 – It’s Th[at] Time Of The Season

 Sigh…Another season, another year sitting out of the playoffs.  It’s beginning to feel like it’ll never happen. To subside our sadness (and to chat about the big post by Robert last Friday), John, Robert, and I hopped on the old podcast line to discuss Robert’s interview with Brian Windhorst, Kyrie Irving’s Future, Tristan Thompson and Spencer Hawes’ extensions, Dion Waiters’ improvement, and the last two Cavalier games. As always, we…


Get ready for it! At number eight in #CavsRank, it’s Kyrie Irving!

I’m in a tough spot: on the one hand, there’s no question we all know just about everything there is to know about the amazing Kyrie.  We’ve all seen him play. We’re acutely aware of his elite skills (and, in the case of his defense, deficiencies), and we can all probably remember at least one spectacular thing Kyrie has done.  On the other hand, how can one possibly summarize a…


Cavs: The Podcast 0043 – MVP! MVP!

It’s been a WHILE!  Like three months a while.  And with Kyrie playing in the All Star Game (and winning MVP, which we obviously all knew was coming…) Tom, Nate, and I decided to hop on the line and chat. On today’s podcast we discuss the ASG, Kyrie’s recent improvements, Dion’s game, Chris Grant’s firing, and expectations for the rest of the season. As always, we can be found on…


All Star Saturday, 2014: A Running Diary (Year 2)

It’s a frigid, snowy NYC Saturday in February.  I’ve got two sixers of a wide selection of beers (more on that later!), a fridge full of snacks, and I’m about to order Chinese.  That can only mean one thing… It’s ALL STAR SATURDAY! As some of you may remember from last year, I absolutely love this night.  Old timers taking half court shots?  Giannis showing off his ball handling skillz…


BUY BUY BUY: Ranking the Assets

Real life drama is the underlying key to sports.  Whether its from the last-second big shot, hail Mary TD, the blow-out upset (lookin’ at you, Seattle), or the chaos of the BCS rankings (RIP), drama, largely, dictates our sports-watching schedules.  Sure, there’s always the intrigue of watching a guy like Boogie Cousin purely because of his talent level, but deep down inside we’re all hoping for some of his crazy…


Brews and Bruises – Another Year, Another Beer

In the series Brews and Bruises: Life as a Drinking Cavs Fan, I’ll playfully explore the mixture of pain associated with Cavalier fandom and the glory associated with drinking.  As always, drink responsibly (and legally, ya kids!) Another year, another reason to drown our collective sorrows in a nice, cold, tall glass of beer.  Bynum is gone, the record stinks, Kyrie and Dion wont stop fighting, Mike Brown is still…


Recap: Cavs 104, Warriors 108 (or, All’s Bad That Ends Badly)

Another close game, another disappointing loss for the young Cavaliers.  After two straight games of near-victories, the Cavs came into this one firing on all cylinders, shooting a fantastic 52.2% at the half, while holding the hot-shooting Warriors to 44.4%.  The difference in shooting in the first was clear – the Cavs moved the ball as well as they have all season, never settling but instead looking for the open…


Links to the Present, the Fun Anthony Bennett Edition

Who’da thunk it – Anthony Bennett can be a charming guy!  While he’s struggled…um…mightily on the court, that didn’t stop Bennett from being the inaugural “contestant” on Grantland’s “Tough Calls” While Bennett may not be very good at basketball, at least we can take solace that he’s got a sense of humor.  That’s got to count for something, right? Elsewhere, the Plain Dealer’s Mary Schmitt Boyer discusses the need for…


Cavs: The Podcast 0042 – What Now?

  17 games in, I have no idea what to make of the Cavaliers.  One good win, one moral victory, and two abysmal losses.  Seriously, what is going on with this team? John, Nate and I podcasted out our thoughts, hopes, and frustrations with the season thus far, discussing Andrew Bynum’s breakout game against the Bulls, the struggles against the Spurs and Boston (and the loss against Miami), how to…