Rookie Roundup – Ouch…

Every two weeks I’ll give a little recap of what our youngsters are up to, how they looked, and what to expect. *Sigh*… Much has changed since I last wrote about our young heroes.  Since Monday the 9th the Cavs have gone 2-5, including two abysmally bad loses, and the team as a whole has looked very, very off.  We’ve seen some half decent efforts (Thompson’s last game, against Atlanta) …


Rookie Roundup – And It Begins.

Every two weeks I’ll give a little recap of what our youngsters are up to, how they looked, and what to expect.  With the help of our resident stat guru, Mr. Kevin Hetrick, I’ll dive into their stats a bit and see if we can get the whole picture. How exciting are these young guys?  I know it’s very early, that we’ve had a small sample size, and that things…


Recap: Cavs 78, Blazers 98

With such a lopsided drubbing, you’d think there wouldn’t be much to smile about.  But, in truth, I’m not feeling all that bad about this 20 point loss.  We learned a lot about some of the players we’ve got, and, against a good team, saw some seriously critical flaws. First off, the Cavs won’t always shoot 13% from the three, and Casspi, who I’ll discuss in a bit, isn’t going…


Cavaliers Season Preview (Part 2): The Rookies

Because the Cavs are in an obvious rebuilding mode, I thought we’d spend today’s preview looking at the newbies on the roster.  From that perspective, things look very promising. The Cavs had three draft picks in this year’s draft.  With the number one overall pick they selected Kyrie Irving out of Duke.  With the fourth overall pick they (surprisingly) took Tristan Thompson from University of Texas.  In the second round…


Should the Cavs amnesty Baron Davis? (part 2)

(Gotta love hipster Baron.  Is Billy Hunter asleep???) Note: I’m actually 100% in support of keeping Baron Davis.  In the article below I am simply playing devil’s advocate.  I actually managed to briefly convince myself, while writing this, that amnestying him was a good idea.  I’ve come back to earth.  Anyway, the point is, take this for what it is – an argument for argument’s sake. As Kevin said yesterday,…