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Quick Hit – Cavs: 118, Hawks: 88 – Coming up next, The Closer…errr…the Warriors

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

tears of joyWell, that series went exactly as expected, right?  4-0 sweep, TT and Delly (and some guy named Lebron) the heroes of the series, and a game 4 that saw the Cavs winning by as much as 31.  I mean, we ALL saw this coming, right?

What, really, is there to say about game four?  Plenty – EG has that coming up later.  For now, here are a few quick hits about the ECF and the NBA Finals.

-Has any player earned himself more money these last four games than Tristan Thompson?  The guy was a rebounding machine (especially on offense!), did a nice job scoring inside, and played stellar D.  The guys and I were debating whether TT was a max guy or not come the off-season.  I wont go that far (yet), but he’s definitely worth a lot, especially on this team.  I am fully, 100% ready to admit it – I could not have been more wrong about his importance.


Live Thread: Hawks @ Cavs, Game Three

Sunday, May 24th, 2015
I hate internet Memes more than anyone, but I'll be darned if this doesn't sum up game three.

I hate memes more than anyone, but I’ll be darned if this doesn’t sum up game three.

We can almost taste it.  That is, everyone except for Tom (love ya, buddy).

In our email chains since game one, I will openly admit that pretty much everyone involved in C:TB has spent far, FAR more time talking about the Warriors than the Hawks.  Actually, I’m not sure I can remember a single instance of any of the bloggers discussing the Hawks for any extended period of time.

But, and I don’t think I’m too far off-base here, I’m guessing that’s where most Cavs fans are right now.

Really, is that surprising?  I think we can be forgiven if we’re not terrified by the name “Kent Bazemore” in the starting lineup.  Nor are we intimidated by a hobbled Demarre Carroll.  Long, long gone are the days of us worrying about Kyle Korver going off, and it would appear that the offensive rebounding tandum of Tristan and Mozzy are too much for what we can now understand to be an undersized Hawks front court.

Still, it seems naive to look too far ahead.  For one thing, a year ago even being at this point seemed way outside the realm of reality – maybe it’s time to enjoy the trip we’re on.  For another, the Hawks certainly aren’t dead yet.  Just ask the Clippers.

Finally, there ain’t no way ANYONE is matching up with GS with a hobbled point guard.  Fingers crossed that brace works, Kyrie!

I don’t want to be a Debbie downer – I still have complete faith of where this is going.  JR is the man, TT and Timofey are WAY more than we thought they were, and Lebron is finally back to being Lebron; those things (especially the last) will always give the Cavs a chance.  I’m just here to put it all into perspective – lets not get ahead of ourselves, take this one day at a time, and enjoy awesome basketball as long as we can.

And for God’s sake, lets pray Draymond Green can’t shut the King down in a seven game series!


Live Bloggin’ – All Star Saturday

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

453120688-e1411503677676What, you thought I wasn’t going to do this again?  C’mon!  Sure, it’s Valentine’s Day, and sure, Paul McCartney is playing Irving Plaza right now…But IT’s ALL STAR SATURDAY!

This is the first time I’ve watched with the GF…Wish me luck!

8:56 – OK, full discloure, I just got home like 10 minutes ago.  It’s Valentine’s day, and the girlfriend and I ended up up wandering around for like 5 hours.  I’m exhausted, and I missed the entire Shooting Stars competition. How will I ever forgive myself?


Mallory’s Cavalier Expedition

Friday, November 28th, 2014

IMG_0224Mallory was lucky enough to snag four (count ’em, FOUR!) tickets to a home Cavaliers game on Monday.  The following are some notes, anecdotes, and observations.

First, I’d like to thank a certain, unnamed source in the Cavalier business office who kindly hooked me up with four tickets (surprisingly, though, not through my blog connections!)


Cavs: the Podcast 0056 – EMOTIONS!!!

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

23_crop_exact-1OH…EM..GEE!  Seriously…OH MY EFFING GEE (Alonzo?).

But seriously, the day has arrived.  After years of speculation, months of discussion, and 15 weeks of pure excitement (not to mention a zillion emails with John, Kevin, Colin, Tom, Nate, Dani, David, Ben, and anyone else I’m forgetting…sorry), the season kick-off has finally arrived.  Tonight, and really today, all eyes will be on Cleveland…Include JT’s, apparently.

All of this, of course, can make a person a little emotional.  What better way to get those pent up feelings out, then hop on the podcast line.  Tom, Nate, David, and I discussed the emotions that will come from the first Cleveland Cavaliers home game, what we plan on doing for the game, what we’ve witnessed from the first two days of NBA basketball, and how we think this season will unfold.  And of course, beer.

Don’t worry guys, I’ll try not to cry.

As always, the podcast can be found on SoundCloud at

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Atlantic Division Preview

Monday, October 13th, 2014



The Atlantic Division – the teams here are filled with greatness, with history, with winning…except in 2014. What was once a division held to the highest of standards – Larry Legend! Dr. J! Walt! Vince Carter! (haaaa) – is now replete with mid-level mediocrity. To make matters worse, unlike their Eastern brethren to the south and west, the majority of Atlantic teams won’t see substantial improvements in the upcoming years. In short, don’t expect much from the Northeast this year. Lets examine…


Cavs: the Podcast 0054 – We’re Back

Thursday, September 25th, 2014



Wait, let me say that again…PHEW!  WHAT!!!!  A!!!!  SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, has everyone caught their breath?  I sure haven’t.  And yet, we’re only a few weeks out from regular season basketball, and even fewer from preseason.  Whether we’re ready or not, the dream will soon be a concrete, basketball-playing reality.

To put it all into perspective, Robert Nate, Tom, David, and I hopped on the line to discuss the offseason in general, the best moment of the summer, FIBA, former Cavs players (where are they now?!), Kevin Love, NBA 2k15, beer, and music.

As always, we can be found on SoundCloud at:

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Note: This post was originally mis-numbered as podcast 53. It should have been 54.


For the Love Of…!

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

It’s impossible to say something that hasn’t already been said about the this off-season.  We’re all aware of the impact on the league and the region, and we’re also aware of the potential consequences that come with trading Wiggins and Bennett.  I’m not here to put the last three months into an NBA context because I wont be able to contribute anything fresh (and, lets be honest, no one really knows what will happen this season or any future season). More, I think the largest unspoken impact this summer has had, and the impact that has been largely overlooked, is on a fanbase dying for something to be positive about.


Cavs: the Podcast 0052 – King Me!

Sunday, July 13th, 2014



Really, I can’t get over it.  I still tear up when I think about the letter;  I get chills when I consider what’s happened; my heart starts racing and my stomach lurches when I imagine next season.  Is this a reality?  Can someone pinch me?!?!  Please, don’t let me wake up from this dream!

LeBron is back, and in the most beautiful way possible.  All, for the time being, is right in the world – the possibilities are endless, the expectations sky high.

Of course, this meant Robert, Tom, Nate, Ben and I all had to hop on the old podcast line and each give our two cents.  We chatted about LeBeron’s return, what this meant for this season and on, whether or not Kevin Love should join force with our big two, and who else the Cavaliers should target now that the King is back.

Enjoy it, guys – for the first time in four years, the Cavaliers are relevant in the most positive of ways.

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2014 NBA Draft Live Blog

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Mallory and Nate will be consuming craft beer (drink responsibly) and live blogging the 2014 NBA draft.  #GoCavs

Holy cow!  I’m late.  A long trip to New Jersey to get some Great Lakes (I swear) has resulted in me being late.  But HOLY MOLY ANDREW WIGGINS!   Thoughts?

2nd Pick is (no surprise) Anth…errr Jabari Parker.  What do you guys think?  Perfect fit?  I’m glad he’s near home, at least?  Who should Philly pick?

Nate: Mallory, So I’m drinking Fat Head’s Sunshine Daydream Session ale.  You?

Mallory: I’m freezing some GLBC Wright Pils.  Lets hope it’s cold in time for me to make fun of LA.

3rd Pick is…JOEL EMBIID!  Nate is probably excited about this, because he loves broken down centers (which there are now two of in Philly…)