Recap: Cavs 113, Hornets 89 (or, On Any Given Tuesday…)


Fun fact… the Cleveland Cavaliers are undefeated this season on Tuesdays. They got their first win on Tuesday, October 30th against the Atlanta Hawks… and after last night, they have their second. Maybe we should rename it “Twosday” in their honor. The very good news, is that the Cavs ambushed what had been a relatively hot Charlotte team, and really never let up while stringing together four of their best…


Live Thread: Cavs vs. Hornets (#ItStings)


The pungent stench on the Cavs’ season hasn’t yet reached Sex Panther levels… but it certainly seems to be trending in that general direction. After a close loss to their fellow Lottery scratchers, the Chicago Bulls, the Cavs return home winners of just one of their first dozen games. To add stinging injury to insult, Kyle Korver (foot/possible trade) will now join Kevin Love (toe surgery), George Hill (right shoulder…


Recap: Cavs 136, Hawks 114 (or, The Voice of Victory)


Larry Drew is not the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is not even technically the interim coach. He is, however, the self-proclaimed “voice” of the Cavs. Regardless of what you call him… it’s hard to argue with the results, as the wine & gold were winners for the first time in seven tries this season. What was different? You mean, other than no Tyronn Lue on the sidelines?…


Podcast 184: Lue-sin’ It

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Last season, when David Fizdale was relieved of his coaching duties by the Memphis Grizzlies, Tyronn Lue said he wasn’t worried about his own job, because “only bad coaches get fired.” Flash forward almost a year, and Lue now finds himself on the other end of that assertion. Was he a bad coach? Did he deserve more than six games to figure out how to make the Cavaliers competitive in…


Recap: Nets 102, Cavs 86 (or, Triskaphobia)


Halloween isn’t until next week… but the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to already be suffering from a different brand of terror. No, triskaphobia isn’t the fear of watching Tristan Thompson’s futile offensive stylings (that would be triskaidekaphobia — fear of the number 13). It’s the fear of three… or in this case, threes. Bad things have come in threes so far this season. The Cavs were 0-3 before taking on the…


Live Thread/Diatribe: Cavs vs. Nets (#NoDefense)


As the old idiom goes… “a picture is worth a thousand words.” There aren’t many pictures of Mike Longabardi one can find on the internet… but this one speaks the loudest, intentionally or not. This isn’t a new image to most of you, since I’ve used it countless times thus far in this season’s first three games. It’s been elevated to headline status because I’ve already wasted at least a…


Recap: Raptors 116, Cavs 104 (or, The Spaghetti Test)


Many cookbooks or cooking shows will tell you the best way to see if pasta is ready is to throw it against the wall… and see if it sticks. This might, however, not necessarily be the best way to tell if an NBA team is ready for a regular season… or if a particular lineup is ready to stick together. That didn’t stop Tyronn Lue from donning his chef hat…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Raptors (#WeAreBack)


If you haven’t read Nate’s ode to our Aluminum Anniversary… make sure you check it out here at halftime. Meanwhile… are you ready for the 2018-19 NBA regular season?! Because, it’s finally here! The future is now for your Cleveland Cavaliers. Time to find out if Kevin Love can become a Terminator… if Collin Sexton can be the next John Connor to save the franchise from a bleak existence… or…


Podcast 183: Overs, Unders, Hoaxes and Blunders

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Will the Cavs really win fewer than 31 games this year? Will the Lakers win more than 48? Will the Warriors continue their boring domination? Will the Indiana Pacers go Hoosier and shock the world? Who will win the end of season awards? And, most importantly… will Tom have to become a vigilante to stop the spread of a new fruity drug scourge from claiming victims in Southern Ohio? All…


Preseason Recap: Pistons 129, Cavs 110 (or, Waxed)


Dan Gilbert once famously offered the Cavaliers coaching job to Tom Izzo. Maybe he should have tried Wax Tom Izzo instead… On second thought, nah… too creepy. After seeing multiple cut aways to Austin Carr and others posing at the strangest wax museum in sports (which exists inside the Breslin Center on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing) during the Cavs’ preseason finale against the Pistons, I’ve…


Podcast 182: Get Off My Lawn

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Thanks to Kyrie Irving being unable to keep his ungrateful, recalcitrant pie hole buttoned… EG went full Pestak tonight, dragging Nate down a rabbit hole of NBA rants. The Evil one gave both barrels to the Flat Earther about his recent comments about Boston “saving” him from the living hell that apparently must have been Cleveland for him. That vitriol spilled over into other topics like Jimmy Butler’s weird hold…


5-On-5: Cavaliers Season Preview


High fives all around… the Cavs are back! Time to snag a selfie with your lone remaining All Star and strap in for what promises to be a fun rollercoaster ride through a brand new kind of season. There’s a ton of new faces to meet, new plays to run and new territory for this once perennial contending squad to explore. How high can they rise? How far might they…