Christmas Wishes


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Q Not a creature was stirring, not even Coach Drew; The nets were hung on the baskets with care, In hopes that some basketball soon would be there… But not this year Cavs fans… and, probably not for a while, barring anything unforeseen. After four years of Christmas Day games involving Cleveland, this one will be ornamental. There will be no…


Recap: Cavs 92, Pacers 91 (or, Tips for Winning)


This is officially getting spooky. I mean, a Tuesday win over the also rebuilding Atlanta Hawks in Cleveland was probably an even money bet, even if it was the first one of the season. A second Tuesday win, over a visiting Charlotte Hornets team? Okay, it could be chalked up to coincidence… or even the tide pod inspired City uniforms. But, a third Tuesday win… on the road… against one…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Pacers (#Physicality)


The Indiana Pacers are a tough team. They showed as much last season in the first round of the playoffs. Physicality is the name of their game, and they’ve shown it off this year as the stingiest defense to score on in the League allowing just 101.2 points per game. To accomplish this, they feature a strong mix of individual and team defenders. They average more than nine steals per…


Podcap: Milwaukee 108, Cleveland 92 (or, Bucked)

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As good as the Cavs looked against a semi-disinterested Wizards team just a couple days ago, they looked equally overmatched tonight against a Bucks team that was missing the Alphabet. The hot shooting that derived from open looks against Washington turned into ice cold bricks in the face of contested efforts against Milwaukee. If your name wasn’t Tristan Thompson, you had a miserable night in the starting lineup. Without Canadian…


Breaking News/Live Thread: Delly Returns!/Cavs vs. Kings (#I’mComin’Home)


Delly is coming home. — justin (@CleFanForLife) December 7, 2018 Welcome back, NBA Champion, Matthew Dellavedova! In true Woj-bomb fashion, it was announced in a series of Tweets that the Cavs have traded George Hill and Sam Dekker to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Delly, John Henson, and the Bucks first and second round picks in 2021. Here’s the sequence… Milwaukee is finalizing a deal to send guard…


Recap: Cavs 99, Nets 97 (or, The Bandit)


East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’ We gonna do what they say can’t be done We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there I’m east bound, just watch ol’ bandit run No, you didn’t just accidentally stumble onto a fan page for the late, great Burt Reynolds. Rest assured, I’ll bring this all back to the Cavs’ narrow victory over the Brooklyn…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Nets (#NoSleep)

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The last time the Cavaliers faced the Brooklyn Nets, Tyronn Lue was still the coach… JR Smith and Kyle Korver were still on the team, and Kevin Love was still playing. In fact, that night in late October was the last time Love was seen in anything other than a walking boot. Flash forward six weeks, and the radical changes to this Cavs team are enough to keep anyone associated…


Not A Recap: Celtics 128, Cavs 95 (or, Nephewed)


Uncle Drew has been in Collin Sexton’s shoes. Kyrie Irving was once a promising rookie getting nightly lessons from the NBA’s best point guards. He understands being the hope of a re-building franchise in the aftermath of a LeBron James departure. He struggled through a 21 win inaugural season (we’ll see if Sexton and this iteration of the Cavs get anywhere close to that), while shouldering the dreams and expectations…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Celtics (#NewNumber2)


This is gonna be quick, because I’m not at home, but wanted to get a thread up for you diehards on the last Friday night in November. Collin Sexton and the Cavs make their first trip to Boston in the regular season tonight, and the new #2 gets to face off against the old #2 (who is now #11). Kyrie would like his fans to believe (via his new Nike…


Podcap: Wolves 102, Cavs 95 (or, Off The Rails)

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I’m not sure the degree that Tom, Nate and I actually captured the outcome of this Cavalier setback tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves, as we spent a large chunk of time debating the semantics of what transpired in the Browns game Sunday and the subsequent shade thrown by Baker Mayfield on his former coach today. Tom and I were on diametrically opposed sides of the argument, while Nate was content…


Recap: Cavs 121, Sixers 112 (or, Process THAT!)


Okay… the Cavaliers are now undefeated on Tuesdays… and Black Friday. I know. I’ve been so wrong… but it feels so right. Seems the more I doubt the Cavs and bury their chances for victory in each Live Thread… the harder they play to win, forcing me to eat crow in the subsequent Recap. To that I say… “pass the salt!” If we’re being real though, it’s one thing to…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Sixers (#BlackFriday)


For the first Black Friday in a while, the Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves as sellers rather than buyers. Of course, it’s still early days, but this is typically the time of year that teams have at least an inkling of how their season will play out. The Cavs, maybe against their front office wishes… or maybe not, it appears will retain their first round pick next summer, as they seem…