Podcast Episode 176: A lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you’s…

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Well, it’s a complicated case you know… about what happens next for the Cavs. A lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you’s for LeBron James, Dan Gilbert and Koby Altman to ponder. Frankly, there’s just a lotta strands to keep in our heads, man… lotta strands like the draft… free agency… and the future of the team. Probably too many strands for the old Duder to keep straight… but maybe not…


A Long, Strange Trip…


(Full disclosure, I started writing this piece before Nate’s amazing and cathartic recap hit Sunday… and, I almost didn’t publish it given his awesome mic drop… but here goes…) There are times in everyone’s life when a confluence of events intercedes with their predisposed intentions. As the poet Robert Burns once famously said… “The best laid schemes of mice and men oft go awry.” Take my own best laid plans…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs @ Celtics, Game 7 (#Everything’sGoneGreen)


If you want a window into my thought process on a game day when I’m contemplating what to toss up for a Live Thread theme… it often correlates to some decades past musical deep cut that sticks in my brain and provides me with an odd but fitting subtitle. Even on the verge of a winner-goes-to-the-Finals Game 7 on the road in the most hostile of territories, this is still…


Playoff Podcap: Celtics 96, Cavs 83 (or, Rough Road)

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The Cavs proved once again to be no match on the road as they fell behind early at the TD Garden by 13 in the first quarter, and wound up losing by precisely that margin in the end. Though they made runs in the final three quarters, they never really got the deficit under 10 that often, and trailed by as much as 20 early in the fourth quarter. The…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs @ Celtics, Game 5 (#BestofThree)


I was tempted to make George Hill the poster child of this Live Thread… mainly because his number is “3” and because when he plays well, he brings out the best in the Cavs. However, since Mike covered G Hill’s effect on the Cavs in depth last week, I settled on a shot of the other crucially important matchup in this deadlocked Conference Finals. Kyle Korver is 16 years older…


Playoff Podcap: Cavs 128, Raptors 93 (or, Swept Away)

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Contrary to what was posited in the Saturday Night Live sketch that was cut for time last weekend, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard is in fact not a Roomba. However, such a point guard would have been handy in sweeping up the smoldering ashes of the Toronto Raptors following Monday night’s Game 4 extinction level event. As expected, the Cavs completed their impressive clean sweep of the top seeded dinos,…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs vs. Raptors, Game 4 (#Extinction?)


“Same as it ever was… same as it ever was…” — The Talking Heads Have you ever had one of those recurring nightmares that haunts you? You know, the one where no matter how fast you run… how strong you are… how much you try and fight… the boogeyman still gets you in the end… and you wake up screaming? I know the Toronto Raptors (and their fans) have. Only this…


Playoff Recap: Cavs 113, Raptors 112, OT (or, Sometimes You Just Need To Find A Good Support Group)


For once in these 2018 NBA playoffs, LeBron James wasn’t forced to carry the Cavaliers all by himself. On a night when his tired legs produced one of his least efficient games in the post-season to date, he got by with a little help from his friends. Four Cavs scored in double figures, and JR Smith became the first of LeBron’s teammates in eight playoff games to reach the 20…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs @ Raptors, Game 1 (#TryTryAgain)


The Toronto Raptors did not succeed against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 playoffs, losing in six games… so they tried again in the 2017 playoffs… and got swept. 2018 brings another year, and another opportunity to try, try again. Only, this matchup should be different because neither of these teams is really the same as they once were. The team from the North may still have many recognizable names…


Playoff Recap: Cavs 98, Pacers 95 (or, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!)


When I was a kid, I’d ask my dad questions about what it was like to watch the great Jim Brown play football. Since things like the internet and Youtube didn’t exist, he’d do his best to explain before falling back on a simple yet profound two word description… greatness personified. Those exact two words echoed through my brain as LeBron James added yet another incredible volume to his seemingly…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs vs. Pacers, Game 5 (#KeepIt100)


If the Cavaliers want to do Whatever It Takes to win Game 5, to take a commanding lead in this see-saw series with the Indiana Pacers… they really only need to focus on one thing… scoring in the triple digits. As we’ve seen thus far, if all the Cavs had done in the first four games was Keep It 100… the series could already have been over (or at worst…