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This ball is lonely.

This ball is lonely.

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  1. InsideHoops says:


    The basketball just wants to be loved. Is that so wrong

  2. trollificus says:

    That IS sad.

    But c’mon Cleveland, the saddest thing is that all that witnessing, and amazement, and pride and cheering was directed towards a flawed team led by a gifted player who wasn’t really a leader. He leads his posse of sycophants and he leads the marketing team for his brand and he leads his basketball camp for junior high kids…but what’s missing in all those scenarios is real opposition. So what did you expect to happen when he got to the Finals? What did Miami expect? When things looked bleak in Cleveland, what did you think would happen?

    I guess it’s even worse that he isn’t even really evil. Just clueless. Short of being the son of rich celebrities, could Lebron have had it any easier? Was he worshiped by adults from age 12? Was the praise/criticism ratio ever less than…oh, 1000:1?? What kind of character does that build? Well, you’ve been witnesses…

    What’s really going to be sad is in a few years, when you Cavs fans look back at the Lebron Era. It’s like that girl you were so in love with at 15…dimwitted, racing towards overweight and with a personality that would peel paint, but pretty and precociously developed…and you look back and think “That’s the girl I was going to kill myself over? Fight for? Love until the day I died?? REALLY?” And your thoughts won’t be for how bad she really was or became, but embarrassment bordering on shame for having thought she was THE ONE.

    So you’ve got that to look forward to.

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