• Playoff Recap: Cleveland 116, Boston 86 (or, “We Could be Royals…”)
  • Playoff Live Thread: Cavs vs Celtics
  • From Distance: An Introduction
  • Playoff Podcap: Boston 107, Cleveland 94 (or, Rage Quit)
  • Playoff Live Thread, ECF Game 2: Cavs @ Celtics

Playoff Recap: Cleveland 116, Boston 86 (or, “We Could be Royals…”)

The immortal words of the Bard, Dennis Green, rang true in this one: “They are who we thought they were.” But the Cavs didn’t let the Celtics off the hook. The Cavaliers mounted their steeds, lined up for a cavalry charge, trampled the Celtics front line in a 32-17 first quarter, cut through the reserves to push the lead to 20 in the second, and routed any rallies in the Third. The Leprechauns managed to…


From Distance: An Introduction

four point play…. 1. A few years from now, we will look back at the 2018 playoffs as the beginning of the Jayson Tatum era. The 20 year-old already plays with a pace and technical skill that far exceeds his years. Like Dwyane Wade in the 2004 Playoffs, Tatum is showing a superstar level talent that only needs some time to marinate. It’s easy to look at this Celtics team…


Playoff Live Thread, ECF Game 2: Cavs @ Celtics

Game two isn’t a must win; it’s a “man they really ought to win” if they want to come out ahead in this series. So the Cavs look to bounce back from possibly their worst game of the season (especially given the stakes). Fortunately, the Cavs aren’t playing on Sunday afternoon, where they tend to snooze like they’re watching the third straight hour golf tournament. The Cavs plan to start…


ECF Not A Recap: Boston 108, Cleveland 83 (Or, The Mother’s Day Massacre)

Well, that was disappointing. I never thought I’d have to do a “Not A Recap” for a playoff game, but here we are. I just couldn’t justify putting more effort into a recap than the Cavs did into this game, taking more time away from my own Mother. On Sunday afternoon the Cleveland Cavaliers reverted back to the state they were in when the playoffs began. Unfortunately, instead of a…


Playoffs Live Thread, ECF Game 1: Cavs @ Celtics

Happy Mothers Day, and Welcome to the Eastern Conference Finals, Cavs fans. The Cavaliers travel to the TD Garden this afternoon, to take on the Celtics and their hungry cast of young players. The last time the Cavs took on this squad in the playoffs, Boston was without NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas, who’d been shut down because of a lingering hip issue, and the Celtics had new life because they’d…


George Hill Is A True Difference-Maker

To say things are looking up for the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a major understatement. Just over a week after barely surviving a first-round series against the Indiana Pacers in seven games, the Cleveland Cavaliers looked absolutely dominant as they finished off a four-game sweep of the Toronto Raptors. They dominated the number one seed in the Eastern conference in a way that even the biggest Cavs optimist didn’t expect….


From Distance: Different Man, Different Time

four point play…. 1. I recently started a gig in a small town near(ish) Leipzig, Germany. Really, this town is about two hours from everywhere, deep in the heart of what used to be East Germany. Rehearsals began on a Wednesday. Thankfully, I wasn’t called for the Saturday rehearsal, so I took that opportunity to head back to my home in Berlin for the weekend. My friend joked about how…

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Playoff Podcap: Cavs 128, Raptors 93 (or, Swept Away)

Contrary to what was posited in the Saturday Night Live sketch that was cut for time last weekend, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard is in fact not a Roomba. However, such a point guard would have been handy in sweeping up the smoldering ashes of the Toronto Raptors following Monday night’s Game 4 extinction level event. As expected, the Cavs completed their impressive clean sweep of the top seeded dinos,…


Playoff Live Thread: Cavs vs. Raptors, Game 4 (#Extinction?)

“Same as it ever was… same as it ever was…” — The Talking Heads Have you ever had one of those recurring nightmares that haunts you? You know, the one where no matter how fast you run… how strong you are… how much you try and fight… the boogeyman still gets you in the end… and you wake up screaming? I know the Toronto Raptors (and their fans) have. Only this…


An Evening with The Swoosh: Nike Celebrates LBJ’s “25 Straight” with 25 Fans.

On Friday afternoon Cavs the Blog was presented with the opportunity to shadow a fan experience put on by Nike for the upcoming release of the new LeBron Soldier I “25 Straight” edition. Yours truly was the lucky writer who got the opportunity to attend and experience the event with 25 lucky fans. And let me tell you, it was truly an experience. Nike spared no expense in making this…