• Breaking News: Cavs Pick Up Late Second Rounder
  • Podcast: Championship Issue
  • On Winning A Championship…
  • The Point Four-ward: Soak It In
  • Surrender to History

Breaking News: Cavs Pick Up Late Second Rounder

In a bit of a surprise, David Griffin refused to sleep on his laurels and must have taken his phone with him after Wednesday’s victory parade. The Cavs orchestrated a late night move for to jump back into the 2016 NBA Draft, buying the 54th pick from the Atlanta Hawks and selecting Kay Felder, a junior guard out of Oakland. At 5’9, Felder averaged 24.4 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 9.3…

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Podcast: Championship Issue

Mark and I recorded a special 2-hour segment for my final trip to the WING-AM studios until next season, capping off Championship week. — Hour 1 — — Hour 2 — Topic List: [Hour 1] All about the Parade Cleveland Fans handling success When the possible and even the miraculous is in play LeBron physically unbreakable When we felt it was over Kevin Love’s injury and abandoning post-entry offense Kyrie…


On Winning A Championship…

If you’re lucky… you won’t have the opportunity to read this piece until late tonight or early tomorrow after you’ve recovered. Hopefully, you’re one of the likely close to a million souls who ventured to Cleveland today for the victory parade to end all victory parades. Reports had folks coming from nearly every state, as well as from places around the globe… not to mention how well represented the state…


The Point Four-ward: Soak It In

Four points I’m thinking about your World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) If you needed further evidence of just how big of an upset the Cavaliers pulled when they knocked off the defending champion Golden State Warriors 93-89 on Sunday night, look no further than who Las Vegas oddsmakers predict is the odds-on favorite to win the 2017 NBA title. Nope, it’s not your 2016 champs. Vegas is laying odds that…


Surrender to History

Did you know that the 2008 Cleveland Cavaliers outscored the Boston Celtics over the 7-game series that culminated in the Paul Pierce vs LeBron James duel of the ages?  You actually may, because you’re a Cavs fan and I bring it up every now and then.  The Celtics went on to destroy the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 (132-89) to win the NBA Championship.  The Championship Celtics outscored the…


What Winning Means

Back in 2004, on the eve of what would turn out to be the end of another high profile sports curse, Bill Simmons wrote that all he wanted, with the Red Sox poised to win their first World Series since 1918, was to “become Just Another Baseball Fan again.” “[T]hat’s all [Red Sox fans] ever wanted,” he wrote. “Outsiders made up false curses, called us losers, pointed to a legacy…


Finals Game 7 Recap: NBA Champion Cavaliers 93, Former NBA Champion Warriors 89 (or, A Promise Fulfilled… A Curse Broken… A History Forever Changed)

“Cleveland, this is for you!” – LeBron James It took 52 years Cleveland… but doesn’t it taste sweet? Go ahead… pinch yourself. This isn’t a dream anymore. That’s right. More than five decades of almosts and not quites and waiting for next years finally culminated in that no longer elusive championship. It wasn’t easy. In fact… it was just about as impossibly hard as you could ask for it to…


Episode 106: Jubilation… CAVS WIN!

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Six on Five: Game 7 Finals Edition

[Editor’s Note: We all got together and pitched in our last group post of the season. Can’t wait to see you all tonight, and wherever you and your crew end up watching the game, savor it. Enjoy it. Have a blast. Thank you all for an amazing season. GO CAVS!] Do you believe the curse is real?  Cory: I don’t believe in voodoo in any shape or form, it’s just not…