• Game 6 Recap: Cavs 113, Raptors 87 (or, Got Your Six)
  • InstaCap: Cavs 113, Raps 87 (Just Keep on Comin’ On)
  • Podcast: Talking Cavs with Mark Neal
  • Recap: Cavs 116, Raptors 78 (Or, You Officially Have Our Attention)
  • InstaCap: Cavs 116, Raptors 78 (Adjustments.)

Matchup Musings

With no Cavs game tonight, and the Western Conference Finals going back to Oakland for Game Seven, now seemed like a good time to look at the Cavaliers and how they match up with both of their potential opponents in the NBA Finals. There’s no doubt that the NBA Finals are going to be an absolute war regardless of whom the Cavaliers face, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t match up better…


Game 6 Recap: Cavs 113, Raptors 87 (or, Got Your Six)

There’s a saying in the military that goes “got your six,” which essentially means “I’ve got your back.” The idiom originated with World War I fighter pilots referencing the rear of an airplane as the six o’clock position. It’s use continues to perpetuate today not only in the armed forces, but in other close knit brotherhoods like law enforcement and fire departments. Tonight, it rang true for another group of…

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InstaCap: Cavs 113, Raps 87 (Just Keep on Comin’ On)

LeBron James just kept coming tonight.  He played a high-usage 41 minutes, notching 33 points (on just 22 shots), 11 rebounds, 6 dimes, and 3 blocks.  He played hard defensively the whole night and he, Kyrie, and J.R. Smith kicked off a handful of transition opportunities in the 1st half.  Kevin Love stepped into a couple 3s off those opportunities and finished with 20 points (on just 11 shots), 14…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Raptors, Game 6 (#InTheSix)

For the most part, home court advantage in the NBA doesn’t always translate into an edge in a series, usually due to the disparity in talent between the two combatants. Oddly though, home court seems to have become some sort of odd psychological advantage in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals. On paper, the Cleveland Cavaliers are the superior team to the Toronto Raptors, and in the friendly confines of the…

I don't know what's going on here, but #0 sure looks tough! (via cleveland.com)

Recap: Cavs 116, Raptors 78 (Or, You Officially Have Our Attention)

So much of the sports fandom experience is about expectations. If the old theorem holds true that Happiness = Reality – Expectations, then the sports fan can apply a similar line of logic… say, Excitement = Reality – Expectations, or along those lines. What were our expectations heading into the 2016 playoffs, and how are those being met by reality? Did we expect a Western Conference Finals matchup between any…

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Game 5 Preview and Live Thread

1.) With so much talk about the law of averages and sustainability, characterize the Cavaliers baseline, if that’s even possible. Tom: They’re a talented team capable of individual brilliance at times and they have a lot of good 3-point shooters.  They’re fundamentally flawed defensively in both personnel and effort but often times it matters not, as they are so prolific offensively and they clean up the glass very well, limiting…


The Point Four-ward: Fix It!

Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) The final score of Monday night’s game — 105-99 — was very close to what I predicted the outcome would be. In my hypothetical running, though, I had the Cavs coming out the victor, if only narrowly so, and the Raptors forced to lick their wounds and search for answers following a close, hard fought loss. I pretty much nailed it……

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InstaCap: Raptors 105, Cavs 99 (Gutwrenching Loss)

Despite scoring on 14 straight possessions, largely out of the same offensive set featuring LeBron James, Richard Jefferson, Matthew Dellavedova, and Channing Frye, the Cavs were unable to stop Kyle Lowry (70% shooting) or DeMar DeRozan (60% shooting) at any time.  Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson were completely and utterly a net negative on the team, and Kyrie Irving phased in and out of impressive shot-making Kyrie / want to…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Raptors (Game 4)

The Cavs are in Toronto again looking to bounce back after a 15 point loss. In game three, the Raptors caught Cleveland snoozing. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love combined for just 16 points on 4-28 shooting. The team was out rebounded by 14 boards. The Raptors morphed into prehistoric beasts. Bismack Biymobo was a T-Rex at the top of the rebounding food chain, without the short arms of course, sucking…