• 5-On-5: Second Round 2016 Edition
  • How It’s Made: A Series on Teambuilding, Part I
  • Talking Cavs with Mark Neal
  • The Point Four-ward: Restin’ Up
  • Podcast Episode 98: The Domin-matrix, and defending Kyrie’s Honor

5-On-5: Second Round 2016 Edition

While snatching a sweep of a first round opponent in the NBA playoffs is never a bad thing, as the Cavaliers and their fans have learned the last two years, one of the downsides can be the long wait for the next round to begin. Just like last season, the Cavs have had to figure out what to do with their idle hands in the eight days between series. At least…


How It’s Made: A Series on Teambuilding, Part I

[Editor’s Note: Please welcome back RC Kim to the blog with his first piece as a contributor. RC (aka Mac) corresponded with Tom and Nate last year in a series called The Hinkie Letters (republished last month) and is a long time member of the commentariat.] Not enough credit is given to David Griffin for the job he has done in putting together a credible championship-caliber team around LeBron James…

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Talking Cavs with Mark Neal

Mark and I decided to forego the usual Thursday afternoon NBA hour on Dayton Sports Scene to focus on Browns draft coverage.  Browns fans should tune in, as my friend Jared Mueller is one of the best I’ve ever heard talking Browns. Mark and I discussed how cleanly the Cavs disposed of the Pistons and the injury implications around the league.


The Point Four-ward: Restin’ Up

Four points I’m thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers… 1.) The Cavs’ win Sunday night ensured that they’d have a week off to rest and mend any bumps and bruises they incurred while sweeping away the Detroit Pistons. LeBron James described the mood in the visitor’s locker room in The Palace at Auburn Hills as “the complete opposite” of that which followed last year’s series clinching victory over the Boston Celtics, mainly…

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Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving celebrates with teammate Dahntay Jones after Irving sank a three point buzzer beater to end the third quarter. April 24, 2016. (Gus Chan / The Plain Dealer)

Recap: Cleveland 100, Detroit 98 (or, Cleveland beats the buzzer, and the buzzer beat Detroit)

At the Palace of Auburn Hills, Cleveland barely outlasted a gritty Pistons squad, to earn a four game sweep in the first round of the 2016 NBA Playoffs. The Cavs won on the strength of a 35 point scoresplosion from Kyrie Irving, three ridiculous buzzer beaters, and 0-6 night from downtown (including the final shot) by “YOLO to ‘Oh No’” Reggie Jackson. LeBron added a much needed 22 points, 11…

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Live Thread: Cavs @ Pistons

Take the advice of a Detroiter. Steady as she goes for Cleveland this primetime. One more night of what we saw the last three games, and the Cavs should be able to take a few days off. I’m not even changing up the intro format, a collection of things Cleveland needs to focus on. Here’s your bullet points Avoid getting sucked into dirty the play. Adam Silver has apparently ordered…


Recap: Cavs 101, Detroit 91 (Or, Trusting Movement)

The Cavs came to the Palace and showed Detroit how veteran teams get a win. Throughout the night, the game was closely contested with neither team establishing a lead larger than six until the fourth quarter. In the fourth, the Cavs tightened up their defense and managed to get a nine point lead in the opening minutes. Cleveland got their lead due to excellent ball movement. Cleveland had 24 assists on 39 made…


Live Thread: Cavs @ Pistons (Game 3)

The Cavs head to the Palace to take on Detroit for game three of the first round. With two wins, they’re are in position to finish off the Pistons, at least mentally. Detroit will come out fighting for their life and looking to get their home court crowd fired up. Stan Van Gundy took a verbal swing at Tyron Lue after game two when asked about Lue’s decision to put…

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Talking Cavs with Justin Kinner

Mark Neal was out sick yesterday so I got to talk hoops with his producer, Justin Kinner. It turned out to be a more Cavs-centric Dayton Sports Scene segment than usual. Unbeknownst to me, there was a segment on Mike and Mike yesterday morning talking about the +/- divergence between LeBron+Delly and LeBron+Kyrie through the first two games of the playoffs. So Justin asked me to comment about that. I..uh..had…

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Five Up, Five Down

The Cleveland Cavaliers are two games into their playoff run, and so far there’s a lot to be happy about. After all, when a team is up 2-0 in their playoff series, everything is perfect, right? Well, yes and no. Obviously, many important things must be going well for the Cavs to be up 2-0, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement in several critical areas. Without further ado, here’s…


Recap: Cavs 107, Pistons 90 (or, Beliebers there will be a concert)

If you haven’t given Tom Pestak and EvilGenius’s InstaPod following last night’s victory an ear, give it a listen in the link above.  The potential for a scheduling conflict at The Q was raised a week ago, when it was reported that Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour was set to inflict terrible music upon Believeland on April 26th. That same date, time, and venue was inked by the NBA to host a potential game…